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My favorite glaze calculation program is
My favorite firing cone is
I use following cone type/s:
(Large LRB, Small SRB, Self Supp. SSB, Bars, PTCR, Seger, other? Manufacturer?)

I measure temperatures with °C °F
Exactly calculation of maturing temperature is not possible for physically reasons. Compared to other calculators the Online Glaze Calculator temperature prediction is
good don't know not good
The following calculator seems to calculate glaze properties more exactly
I would like to have the following additional calculator function
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The Online Glaze Calculator website appears at my browser window
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The Online Glaze Calculator calculates °F, °C, Cone, COE, Si/Al, Acids/Bases, Limit Formulas, Mol, Unity, Analysis, Mol%. I miss following parameter/s
non yes, I need
I prefer for line blend calculation following method
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